About Us

The world's foremost unknown swim vloggers and your #1 source for USMOST musings.

New York, New York



Mission Statement

Since 2009 Eve and Candace have been bringing humor, moxie and unique insight to their self appointed role as "The World's Foremost Unknown Swim Vloggers" - having posted 85 videos and counting to their youtube channel.  Continually inspired by the athletic feats of the swimmers they have come to love, Eve and Candace are taking their swimmer love to the next level in 2013. In addition to humorous tweeting and delightfully low budget vlogging, Eve and Candace are channeling their enthusiasm and passion for men in Speedos to support the sport of swimming even further.  


Now expanding into merchandise, E & C have launched shirts themed around hashtags they have created in honor of their beloved ,aquatically gifted (and arguably super-human) swimmer babies.  The goal of this venture is to help create more opportunities for Eve and Candace vlogs with more in depth coverage while simultaneously supporting the sport that has brought them so much joy, inspiration and visual delight. A portion of the revenue will be donated to help support the efforts of these talented athletes so that they can continue to do what they do best: Swim. Then Eve and Candace will do what they do best: talk about stuff both in and out of the pool.